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Website Design


At kenosys we create new websites, re-design existing websites for small businesses and organizations. Kenosys offer web services like domain registration, web design and development, web hosting and search engine optimization.
Websites we design have a pleasant appearance and user friendly interface along with quality parameters like content, layout, navigation, accessibilty, interaction and maintenance. we stands with our clients throughout the development process and after, to ensure our client gets the best from us. The unbeatable design expertise is our key strength which help us to serve clients with almost any design requirement.


Full custom responsive website
  • Concept development
  • Layout production
  • Sub-page layout if needed
  • Client to provide content
  • Main structure Coding
  • Adding client's static content
  • MetaTags, Page Titles and Description, Body, Links
  • Client side Testing
  • Deploy
Website maintenance
  • Basic statistics email report.
  • Website customer service support.

Custom website

CMS websites

E-commerce websites

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