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FPGA Design


With the increase in demand for the processing capability of standalone processors, FPGAs with their parallel computing ability comes into play. FPGAs with inbuilt processor cores like PPC, ARM, can accelerate the the performance of the system they were used to built. Hybrid FPGAs are able to do both analog processes which commonly involving amplifiers built upon op-amps, along with inbuilt processor core and a custom core designed by user for further digital processing. With these advantages over microprocessors, signal processing applications built upon FPGAs have widely increased. Apart from signal processing FPGAs have gained popularity in embedded computing. Even with increased SOCs market reach, FPGAs with its field programmable feature enables end-user to build custom analog or digital hardware within the chip, which SOCs lack.

Application areas

  • Embedded computing (SoC systems using openrisc or soft processors)
  • Drive / motion control (DC, BLDC and stepper motors)
  • Image acquisition, processing and display
  • Digital signal processing (processing, filtering, modulation, demodulation, FFT, etc.)
Development Tools
  • Xilinx ISE
  • Altera Quartus II

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