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Embedded Systems Design


Kenosys provides full service hardware design and prototyping for microcontroller and embedded systems. Kenosys uses a wide range of processor architectures for its embedded design requirements in a range of data acquisition and device control and monitoring applications.
Kenosys draws from a large number of design templates, which it can apply to an equally broad range of custom applications. Kenosys continuously reviews current technology and applies it to its current design suites. This allows Velocity to provide its clients with fast solutions for their hardware design requirements.
The team consists of in-house expert hardware and software engineers, who provide turnkey product design solutions to embedded or standalone systems for a variety of industrial applications.

Kenosys specializes in designing custom electronics including:
  • Hardware design for Analog and Digital systems
  • Embedded design for systems using single or multi-processors
  • RF communication for distributed systems control
  • Various types of sensors including: ultrasonic, force/torque, infrared, proximity and temperature sensors
CPU architectures
  • AVR
  • ARM
  • PIC
  • GCC
  • SDCC

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