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This is What We Do

Embedded Systems Design

We develop applications built upon operating systems and bare machine as well.

FPGA Hardware Design

Either it is a simple combinational logic circuit or a complex algorithm to RTL conversion, we can do it.

Website Design

There are more efficient ways to manage your website. Talk to us about how you can take control of your online presence.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Whether you require PCB design and layout services, or have a combination that will transform your idea into a product.

Embedded Systems Design


An Embedded system is an integration of computer hardware, software along with programming concepts for developing special-purpose computer systems, designed to perform one or a few dedicated function.

The uses of embedded systems are limitless, because new products are introduced everyday to the market that utilize embedded computers. Over time, justifying Moore's law the electronic components such as microprocessors, SOCs and FPGA chips have become much cheaper.

So for implementing a new system, it's wiser to just buy the generic chip and write your own custom code for it. Producing a custom-made ASIC chip to handle a particular task or set of tasks costs far more time and NRE.

Web Design and Development

Studies have shown that with increase in use of internet access customers rely on internet searches as primary source to find local business. Print media and word of mouth, on which most businesses were solely dependent are missing a large part of their addressable market.

Being the owner of a business with a well-designed, professional website, will increase the credibility of your business. A well developed content will make your customers to explore your website and find who you are as a business.

Having your website working for your online 24/7, customers can learn about your business even during non working hours.

With your business on the world wide web, it gets a global exposure, no matter the size of your business. If you lack on a crucial web presence, you are 'giving' business to your competitors.


FPGA Design


FPGAs are reprogrammable silicon chips. FPGAs are completely reconfigurable and instantly take on a brand new “personality” when you recompile a different configuration of circuitry.

Unlike processors, FPGAs are parallel in nature, so different processing operations can utilize different hardware resources assigned to in dedicated section of the chip without intervention of other logic blocks.

FPGA technology offers capabilities in the face of faster time-to-market concerns. You can test a concept and verify it in FPGA chip without going through the long fabrication process of custom ASIC design.

A processor core can execute only one instruction at a time, and systems based on processores are continually at risk of time-critical tasks preempting one another. FPGAs, minimize reliability concerns with true parallel execution and deterministic hardware dedicated to every task. (see, NI white paper)

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